What is the Best Exterior Paint for Houses in India?

Are you looking for the best exterior paint for houses in India? Well, you can check our list here and find more tips. While it is important to pay more attention to the interior of our home, but you must know that the exteriors make the first impression. If this is your first time decorating the exterior of your home, then you may find it difficult to pick the right exterior paint. Save your time by reading our article here. You can find the best exterior paint for your Indian homes.

How to Find the Best Exterior Paint for Houses in India

Knowing how to pick the best exterior paint for houses in India is important as it can affect your house’s personality. The best paint should be traditional enough so that it can look cozy outside. However, the color should be unique enough so that you can make it stand out from the rest.

  • Use Texture

Exterior Paint for Houses in India

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The home exteriors don’t have to be just bare walls with colors. Instead, you can add other options such as textured walls which are combined with the right colors. Adding textured walls can create a unique look which makes your home exteriors look better.

  • Use Earthy Touches

Exterior Paint for Houses in India

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The most common option that homeowners consider when finding the best exterior paint is to use earthy touches. They are a smart solution when choosing the right exterior colors for your home. The main benefit of using earthy touches is that they offer a warm touch, making your home stand out from other modern homes.

  • Paint the Doors

Painting the walls of your home is not the only option available. In fact, you can also paint the doors of your home. These doors are also a part of the home exteriors, thus you can paint them too. By painting these doors, you can create a different look to your lovely home.

Do you need some ideas? Well, there are some colors that you can use. For example, you can paint the door in a bright hue. Painting the doors in a bright hue lets you create a focal point. Using a bright hue also allows you to select the wall color which is available in a wide range of basics.

  • Paint Your Home Exteriors in a Contrasting Color

Exterior Paint for Houses in India

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One of the most common mistakes that homeowners do when painting their home exteriors is that they use a single color to paint the entire building. Of course, you won’t be able to create a beautiful look if you use a single color. Instead, you can break the monotony by painting the entire building in a contrasting color.

If you find it difficult to paint your home exteriors in a contrasting color, then we have some ideas for you. For example, if you have a boring white house, then you can transform your home into a more beautiful home with minimal effort. Simply paint the doors and use mahogany trims.

  • Find Amazing Inspiration from Historical Architecture

Exterior Paint for Houses in India

Do you need inspiration? There are some ways in which you can find inspiration for your next exterior color. One of these ways is to find the best color from historical architecture. When using historical architecture, make sure that you pick the best colors that suit your home’s style.

  • Use a Bright Color

Exterior Paint for Houses in India

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Using a bright color is possible and there are some ideas that you can try. Indian homes can be painted with various colors including some bright colors. For example, you can use yellow when painting balconies. Since these places are used for relaxing, using yellow would be a great idea.

However, it is also important that you know some rules when using bright colors for your home exteriors. Choose bright colors that look equally well with dark and light tones.

Now it is time to see some best colors that you can use for your home exteriors. We have listed some great colors that look great for your Indian homes.

The Best Exterior Paint for Houses in India – Some Popular Choices in 2018

Take a good look at some great colors that we have listed below. Using our list here, you shouldn’t find any difficulties if you need help when looking for the best exterior paint for houses in India.

  • Chocolate Brown

Exterior Paint for Houses in India

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This is a popular choice for those wanting to paint their home exteriors. Chocolate brown is dark enough to stay timeless, but it is also less harsh on our eyes. Chocolate brown also comes with a soft, welcoming vibe which makes it a popular choice for those having a larger home. This color also looks great when paired with creamy whites and soft greens. Choose this color if you want to go with a natural style.

  • Gray

The next popular color that you can use is gray. If you are looking for neutral tones that look great for your Indian homes, then this color is one of those best options. Gray is easy and light, but this color still has its sexy, mysterious side. It is a great color that makes your guests feel welcome and excited. Gray is also a great choice if you want to create a foundation that mixes well with your favorite theme.

  • Yellow

Exterior Paint for Houses in India

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We have mentioned this color before. Yellow is a great color for those wanting to create a classic look. This is a color that makes everyone smile. While it is true that you can’t apply the color to your bedroom, but you can use this color to make your home exteriors look beautiful.


There are also other important factors that can affect your decision when looking for the right color for your home exteriors. For example, you need to check the location of your home. If your home is located in an urban area, then you need to choose colors that make your home look modern. Don’t forget that you must use a color combination that offers resistance to weather too. By using the right color combination, it is easy to get the best exterior paint for houses in India. read also How To Make Good Interior Design for you Small Home in Low-Budget

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