How To Build a Tiny Home on Wheels

How to build a tiny home on wheels – Have you ever heard about Tiny Home ? or could you imagine what is it ? yeah , tiny home . It Is same with the house in generaly , but it is just different in size. The little family or a couple usually love to build this home. and some tiny home can be built on wheel, so you can bring you home where ever you want . This tiny home is usually stayed for holiday, or to escape from daily routine. There are many questions why somebody wants to build a tiny home on wheels, and how to build a tiny home on wheels.

How to build a tiny home on wheels?


Many reasons from them why they decide to build a tiny home on wheels, probably they do not want to be tied to particular location , we know that to build a house you should have a particular location, but if you are traveler, where you always move from a place to the other place, build a tiny house is maybe what you needed, so you can bring your home when you decided to move to anywhere. for the other reason, maybe they want to get around most building and zoning regulations , they do not want to become a property owner, they can always move, or when you decide to make a tiny home on wheels you have special reasons. That is your business.

How to make a tiny home on wheels? it will be little different than the normal house. However actually how to build a tiny home has the same ways like the normal house, it’s just different on the size. There are many kind of tiny home model that you can choose as your tiny home. To make a tiny home on wheels, there are some  step that will you take, here are some ways to make tiny home on wheels are following :

  • Planning


After you decide to build a tiny home, the first step that should you take before build a tiny home on wheels. You should make a planning, start from determine your true need to staying in a tiny home, and select the site or the size of your tiny home, by make a planning of tiny home  you can talk or discuss with the other people who have a tiny house, and then you make rough floor plan, there are many kind of floor design that you can found in Internet before you create your creation to make the floor of your tiny home, after that you should determine the major features, then you should make some purchase plans, try to cound the cost that will you spend to make this tiny home by Create budget, let’s to start skill building .

  • Sourcing


After you determine your plan, let’s to find some source for the material or the other things that will you need to build the tiny home. Before you sourcing, you should view some trailer first, before you decide the kind of materials that you want, and then Window, yup ! you should determind what kind of window model that will you use in your tiny home, as we know that window is one of the important  thing in our home, window is also as a lighter of our home in the day, by making a window or even  a home we will need some woods as material, so you should found some source to get the good quality of lumber, beside the material, you definetly will need some tools that will you use to make your own tiny home. The other things that you should things such as Appliances, get some informations from your friends and Professionals help.

  • Consider Access


Even though you will make a tiny home on wheels, where you can bring it where ever you want but you should think about the access before you make it, in this step where you should consider the acces to bring every things that will need such as some mattress, appliances, shower stall, toilet, and some furnitures. and do not for get that you should consider the size of the things that will you bring into your tiny home, because you should bring the things that cann fit through the door or windows.

  • Construction



The other step is construction.  When you have the plan about the size of your tiny home, you should setting the land for a tiny home on wheel . Leveling, setting up your tiny home, and then Remove decking, we know that tiny home has tiny size so you can not have many room, but you can setting up your tiny home by put some rooms in deck. And let’s to weld on anchor before you make a foundation on wheels.

  • Foundation

source: DoItYourselfRV

if you are done some parts above, let’s bulid foundation frame on the wheels, and then doing the anchor foundation to trailer, after that attach some metals flashing and or adding the deck flashing, so you can add insulation, vapor barrier to protect against water, and the last is install sub floor .

  • Wall Framing


It’s time to make frame wall, Ensure Squareness, in this step you should think about the windows , where you should to test the fit windows before you finish the walls. After that Sheathing your tiny home walls. Raise walls, square and brace

  • Sheathing


The first step before you sheating you must to measure & plan panel layout, and then start to Cut all pieces, lets to test fit, Apply glue to all studs, Tack in place with a few nails, but before you doing all ensure that you use good screws & nails designed for treated wood!After walls are raised, anchor plywood to foundation.

  • Windows And Door Rough Openings

source: pinterest

In this step you just need to check and check, make sure every things good, and then install the windows and door.

  • Roof framing , Sheating

If every things done, you can focus on the Roof, and you can Install Skylights, Install the roof, make some room such as kitche , bedroom, bathroom and the others .

  • Celebrate!

Everything done! clean the place, celebrate and enjoy it.

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