Grey Walls and Wood Floors: An Intriguing Combination

Grey Walls and Wood Floors – A combination of gray walls and wood floors is one of the trickiest matches in home interior design, due in large part to the fact that they kind of cancel one another out. If you ask someone, professional or not, you would get answers that are different from one another. Some may ask you to do away without this combo whereas some others might offer their personal 2-cent that feel too subjective to be reworked as your own.

But this does not actually mean that you cannot choose to go this route. Grey/wood combo is definitely one of the most underrated mixes that seem to be set aside only because it requires more work and adjustments to finally give a satisfying result.

How to Work with Grey Walls and Wood Floors and here is what you need to know

  • The color really matters


If you truly wish to get a perfect combo of grey walls and wooden floors, it all comes back to the basic: the tone of each color. If you go with brighter tone for one part, the other part must go darker and vice versa. This is the basic of all color coordination. All of the room in a house must possess the correct balance of both cool and warm colors. Imbalance would affect the mood rather more directly than you would expect. You might not notice the subtlest influence an imbalanced color combination should instill in you after it is all too late.

Paint the wall in too bright a color tone and pair it with too dark of flooring and you are walking right into a mess. Paint the two sections in similarly warm tone and you would find it too aggravating for your own good. On the other hand, paint them in equally dark tone and your mood is as good as the wind that blows during a storm. You might take this as a joke; there is no way paint colors have that much of grasp on you psychologically but if you want to spare yourself from costly repainting project, you should start it all with minding about this composition thing.

  • Pattern of the room needs to be considered


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A combo of grey walls brown wood floors is a good starter if you truly wish to apply this palette on a room. Brown is the natural base color of wood so you should make use of this and build everything around it. But, again, wood as construction material has undergone processes and finishes that make it end up with a variety of tones. There are wood floorings that come with lighter hues while others with hues darker than the wood’s original tone. The color gray that you choose for the walls, therefore, should match this wood flooring tone.

Wood flooring with dark brown should go very well along with walls painted in the color grey that has lighter tone. The much darker flooring invites the cool interior aspect into the room. If the walls are painted in darker shades of grey, it would amplify the coolness to the point where everything feels subdues and, well, depressing. The lighter hues of grey for paint color creates a means to negate the toned-down nature of dark brown by allowing a degree of warmth to join the scene. As a result, the room would feel much livelier and more comfortable to be at.

  • Take what you like the best

As for gray walls light wood floors combination, the same rule applies. The light-brown wood flooring creates the fun kind of rustic feel. Without darker shade of grey for the wall paint color, this would be overwhelmingly “fun”. It would be a matter if your home is styled in traditional theme but if your house is of modern variety, the effect that the light-brown wood flooring brings in would instead counter the house’s original style.

If it is not possible for you to find grey-colored wall paint darker than what you already have in hand, you can stick with that but in the process, add some more decoration elements that are in a color family much lighter than the wall paint. Hanging a large wall art or other kinds of artwork that is dominant in dark tones can do the trick too but as long as you can manage to find the correct dark shade of grey as a counter for the light-brown flooring, you should minimize accessorizing your walls. Alternatively, you can implement some curtains to block a few of sunlight from the outside as it might enhance the brightness to the point where it overwhelms you.

  • Take something natural


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The grey walls and brown wood floors Is perhaps the easiest combination in this spectrum to work with. Grey is chic and neutral. Black and white are also neutral but they tend to easily fall to one end of spectrum when combined with a type of color such as brown that is itself not too neutral. Black or white will show tendency to amplify the tone of the brown flooring while grey is a different variant that is equally strong as its flooring counterpart.

What if, for some reason, you are stuck with dark flooring without means of changing or remodeling it and at the same time your personal preference does not favor lighter shade of grey? Well, individual preference does indeed factor into the way one design one’s living space and if that’s the case, there is still a solution to make it work. Pair grey walls white trim dark wood floors Instead. As previously explained, pairing dark grey wall paint color with dark wood floors results in not so pleasant effects to your overall mood.

The depressing undertone would be so palpable that you avoid having to enter the room. You can prevent the psychologically detrimental effects of such depressing composition by implementing white trims. The white would create a break between the two equally dark elements.  As a result, the gray walls and wood floors that are dark in tone would not amplify one another so much. But the white trims would only do so much. You need to come up with some additional counterbalances to neutralize the oversaturation of dark tones. read also How do you make a small kitchen look bigger?

Grey Walls and Wood Floors: An Intriguing Combination


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