20 Unique Christmas Decorations

20 Unique Christmas Decorations  – Are you a last-minute person, looking for some easy Christmas decor for your home?  Maybe you have a spur of the minute party and you need just a few decorations?  Family or friends tell you they are coming for Christmas, but you have not put up a tree?  Here are a few easy things you can do in a hurry.

Do you have a fireplace?  Does it have a mantle?  If not, you can get a similar effect with  a shelf or even a sofa table or top of a hutch.

On either side of your mantle (or shelf/table/hutch) place a greenery swag and wire in some ornaments.  Here, we used old vintage ones, but any Christmas ornaments of your color choice will do.  We then, added some sprigs of glittery twigs, purchased in the craft department of our local big box store, or you can add some twigs from your yard.

On the opposite side, we added the same greenery swag, but we used slightly different ornaments, so it would add interest and not be too matchy.

Do you have 2 – 5 Christmas Houses?  If so, get those out and place 2 or 3 on your mantle or shelf with a couple of village type trees – instant decorations!  You do not need to get out the entire village collection, you have packed away.  And, you do not have to buy every house at the store, a couple will do.  If you don’t have the little trees, you can use some cheap garland to place in and around them, and maybe a few twigs from the yard.  People will think you worked for hours and it only took you a few minutes.

Not interested in buying any houses?  How about 3 – 5 large ornaments?  Nest them in some green garland, a set of twinkle lights and some of those afore-mentioned twigs.

Now, for the tree.  I know, if you are doing this last-minute, you may not want to drag out the big tree and all the decorations.  Do you have a small tree?  Something that could sit in the corner, up on a side table?  If not, maybe there is a cheap one at a local store.  If you place it up high, like, say on a side table, it will appear larger.  Here is what we used:

  • 3 ft slim Christmas tree
  • 1 strand of white lights
  • 1 set of small mixed ornaments (these were all the same size in silver, light blue and darker blue – but you can use any style, any color you choose)
  • 1 set of plastic longish twisty tinsel type ornaments to fill in and give the tree a dripping effect
  • Star, bow, tree topper of your choice (or none, if you choose)

Start with placing the tree on the table, place it where you might put a larger tree. Near a window is nice, because you can turn on the tree lights at night, for others to see your Christmas Spirit.

Next, shape the tree or assemble as needed.  Place the lights on the tree.  Since we are only using one strand, you have to make it light the whole tree, so we place the string, as deep inside as we can, to start and if there is extra, that goes to the outside, as needed.  Of course, you can use 2 strings.

After the lights are on, that it time to place the ornaments.  If you are using more than one color or style, try placing all of one color (style) and then, move on to the next, making sure that each color or style is as evenly places as possible.  If you have something special, you will want it on the front side, that shows, to most visitors in the room.

After those are on and where you are happy, next comes the  tinsel, garland, beads, or whatever you might want to use, if any.

Place a tree skirt, or cloth or even an old flannel shirt at the base, and wrap a few boxes, if you don’t have any presents, that is ok… they can be boxes of air, but it makes the tree look nice.    We like to place a small manger scene under our small tree, signaling the reason for the season.

Here we present 20 images decor Christmas:

New interior with Christmas tree, presents and fireplace. Postcard.

Now, when folks come to the house, no one can yammer on about how sad it is for you not to have any decorations.  Sometimes, we do not decorate, because we are moving, or going on vacation, or to visit relatives and we think that we don’t have a reason to put up any decorations, but then, plans get cancelled, or change, people want to come over, or maybe we want people to come over to celebrate… so having a fast back up plan for easy Christmas decor is a good idea!

Merry Christmas!

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